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this month has been a rough month for bayville. starting with the removal of 25 trees that were marked by the city as dead . then the noreaster hit and we lost another 25 to 30 trees . the storm really left a mess on the course and I would like to say thank you to those of you who helped to clean that mess up and get bayville ready for the upcoming events. with the help of zac , tim c , peaches , dustin , putter ,scottie , and jerry  we were able to clean up the majority of the debris . roughly 30 loads in zac's truck . with all the damage around the city we wil have to wait our turn for the big trees to be removed along with the piles of debis that we made this week to make it easier for them to pick up .

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that the tree planting on arbor day is going to be a annual event and i hope everyone tries to help this year , please plan on donating 1 tree some topsoil and 5 min. of your time to come out and replant some of the trees that we keep losing . last year scott c, sean, puttrr,harry,don,marcus,keen and myself planted 20 trees and shrubs . this year I am asking for maples and oaks and the goal is 60 trees . keep in mind this month alone we lost 50 plus trees. tom did mention that the city had set some money aside to by about 10 trees but did not mention when or where they would be planted.



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thanx to all guys for the hard work you done. the course looks good


Anybody ready to play:roll:

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